Thursday, October 13, 2011

Office window glass hit by Unidentified Projectile Object (UPO)

by MKA,

At 8.55am in the morning of 13 October 2011, our office window panel was broken. There is still an argument between us and the building management as to what caused the incident. According to Willem-Jan who was looking straight to the window at the time of incident, he claims that there was an unidentified projectile coming towards the window before its movement was halted by the glass panel which created a heavy impact and a very loud sound and a moment later seeing the shattered glass dropping down from the window pane.

However from the explanation given from the building management personnel, it was very likely caused by the differential pressure between inside the building and the outside. For the moment the affected window is sealed by a plywood temporarily while waiting the appointed contractor to fix a new window glass.

There were no direct injuries due to the incident however at least 3 people got injured during the removal of the shattered glass.

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Lorrr,teruk nyer..

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teruk gak laa, nasib xde org cedera.